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Barrington has been producing digital media for over 30 years

Working with clients across the country and executing projects around the globe, we create video, interactive and digital experiences that turn heads and get noticed. Our unique blend of creativity and production expertise means that your message reaches your audience – and gets results. Our media know-how spans corporate communications, marketing, brand/co-brand communications, product launches, sales meetings, tradeshows, investor relations, alliance marketing, and the list goes on.

Leverage the experience of a trusted partner

Some of Barrington’s earliest work was in the world of corporate finance, so perhaps it’s not surprising that our familiarity with a broad range of business dynamics and enterprise communications is still part of our DNA. Our deep industry experience makes us a proven and trusted partner for many dynamic businesses, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. We are skillful managers of complex projects and have a demonstrated ability to navigate legal and regulatory approval landscapes.

Barrington delivers a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise and business savvy.

Barrington produces business-to-business media and digital experiences that turn heads and get noticed

Our clients represent a broad range of vertical markets. Most are in closely related industries such as finance, energy, technology and healthcare, where our seamless end-to-end project management platform is key to efficient, timely project production.

We are seasoned professionals who know how to package your message and conduct ourselves in the presence of your stakeholders. Our ability to manage complex projects – from concept development through all stages of production – makes Barrington a choice turnkey solution provider. Over the years we’ve done it all, and we have the customers and awards to prove it.
Our end-to-end project management ensures that projects are produced efficiently, flawlessly and on time. Our creative services, including scripting, shooting, editing, design, graphics production, animation and programming are produced in-house. Not outsourced. Not overseas.

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