Virtual Exhibits Designed for a Hybrid World

Barrington Media produces custom and developed virtual and hybrid exhibits

Our virtual exhibits feature real exhibit assets and provide intuitive online access to an exhibitor’s content and materials. Working collaboratively with exhibit design agencies, Barrington can leverage existing 3D booth designs to build dynamic experiences that attract engagement and extend an exhibitor’s reach to remote audiences.

Barrington virtual exhibits are not template based — so they present a unique user experience, they aren't generic, and they never look like a competitor’s site

Our Virtual/Hybrid Exhibits Feature...

Richly rendered 3D environments

Integration of PDF and video -based content

Animated, intuituve navigation

Unlimited links to existing sites or external content

Comprehensive Google
Analytics reporting

Email based contact routines

No required plug-ins or add-ons

Video or live chat functionality

A customizable and controlled user experience

Information or registration forms

Secure, turnkey hosting solutions

API integration

Barrington Media has been producing interactive media for over 30 years and is a proven, trusted partner for many dynamic businesses and agencies. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a virtual exhibit and expand customer engagement.

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